Price Per Square Foot for Issaquah Homes Increasing - September 2011

Price per square foot is a great way to compare homes as well as trends in the Issaquah real estate market. Real estate agents and brokers often use price per square to determine if similar homes are under or over priced when compared to each other.

The price per square foot for a single family home can be greatly influenced by location, the school district where it is located, if the home has a view and/or waterfront and the nearness of the home to places of employment - such as the downtown area of Seattle, as well as the general quality of construction. For example, a typical 1,500 three-bedroom, two bath home might be $300,000 in Issaquah but almost $500,000 on Mercer Island, while the homes may be quite similar. This type of  price difference is usually due to the demand... one home being closer to Seattle Center, with water & downtown views - as well as other factors, which would make the exact same home more valuable in one location than another.

As the graph below indicates, the average price per square foot for a single family home in Issaquah has remained at about $200 per square foot since March of 2010. The chart below compares the price per square foot of single family homes in Issaquah to other cities and towns in the Seattle area. The information is an average for the quarter (three months) ended September 2011:

  • Issaquah --- $199.00
  • Snoqualmie --- $156.00
  • Sammamish --- $204.00
  • Kirkland --- $228.00
  • Bellevue --- $236.00
  • Redmond --- $203.00
  • Seattle (city) --- $225.00
  • Bainbridge Island --- $230.00
  • Maple Valley --- $134.00
  • Mercer Island --- $314.00
  • Mukilteo --- $159.00

In the cities listed, Mercer Island is the highest with Maple Valley the lowest.  Of the larger Eastern slope cities, Issaquah and Snoqualmie are the lowest (they are also the furthermost from Seattle center.) Compared to other cities, including the city of Seattle, single family homes in Issaquah are one of the most affordable.


Danny Evatt, REALTOR® is a Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker Danforth, serving the communities of Issaquah, Sammamish, Snoqualmie, North Bend & Fall City.

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