Issaquah Home Selling Tips and Ideas

Issaquah real estate agents and others in the real estate and home selling industry often give tips and advice on home selling techniques. And properly preparing a home for sale does make a difference - especially in a buyers real estate market.

Remember that first date or job interview? It's the same with preparing a home for sale. Buyers are seeing the home for the first time, just like a first date, so that house needs to look its best. Below are some simple tips and helpful ways of getting them done.

Clean House

Though this seems somewhat obvious, many potential home sellers may not understand the possible negative impact a dirty home will have on a potential buyer. If a buyer were shopping for a pre-owned car, they would expect the car to have been washed, waxed and cleaned on the inside. It's no different with a home for sale. Home sellers should vacuum the carpets, sweep and mop the floors and dust. Be sure and dust areas that may not have been normally be dusted, like baseboards, blinds, shutters and tops of pictures and other personal items. Clean the oven (even if it is not staying with the home) and other appliances in the kitchen. Also clean the bathroom sinks, toilets, tubs and showers.

If possible, air-out the home by opening windows and/or using air filters or cleaners. Though we can see a clean home with our eyes, we can also smell a clean home with our nose - so don't forget about all of those potentially smelly areas like trash cans, fish tanks and dog and cat areas.


Once the home is clean, now it's time to de-clutter. De-cluttering means the removal of objects from counter-tops, tables and floors.

De-cluttering is usually the most difficult project a home seller has to do. Home sellers may have accumulated many things over the years and may want to display or show them off - like that fish that finally got caught or Aunt Polly's award-winning toad sculpture! Just remember that a potential buyer is not looking to buy the possessions or things - they are looking at the house to buy.

There are some ways to make de-cluttering easier - simply box the items where they are and place the boxes on the floor. A potential home buyer will understand seeing boxes here and there, after all, the home is for sale. Also in the bathroom, don't forget to place shampoo bottles, soap and other personal items into drawers and under the sink. Though interesting, the potential home buyer may not want to know the brand of hair shampoo the family is currently using!

Excess furniture may also need to be removed from the home to make rooms look larger. An empty room looks larger than a room full of furniture. So the goal should be to minimize the amount of furniture in each room. If in doubt, remove it.

Landscaping and Minor Repairs

Now that the home has been cleaned and de-cluttered, its time to address it's exterior and any minor repairs it may need. Proper landscaping is important as the first impression a potential buyer will have is when they see the home from the outside for the first time. If the home has landscaping, it's time to mow the lawn and trim the trees and any bushes. Also remove any items in the yard, such as children's toys, lawn equipment or debris that may have accumulated with time.

For repairs, fix any leaky facets or holes in the wall. Also oil any squeaky doors, steps or cabinets. Replace burned-out light bulbs and change dirty air filters for the furnace or air conditioner. Tighten any loose handles, knobs or cabinet pulls. And if there is a major defect in the home that can't be easily fixed, considering hiring an expert to repair it. Lastly, if walls in the home has been painted in bright colors, consider re-painting them in more neutral colors like tan, white or grey.

Once the home is cleaned, de-cluttered and repaired, the home will be ready for sale. The Issaquah homeowner can then contact a local real estate agent with the confidence that their home will now sell quickly and for the best possible price.



Danny Evatt, REALTORĀ® is a Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker Danforth, serving the communities of Issaquah, Sammamish, Snoqualmie, North Bend & Fall City.