Issaquah Mortgage Expenses Increasing in 2014


Head’s Up - Waiting to purchase a new home may cost you more in 2014! Issaquah home buyers that take out a mortgage can expect to pay more to get a mortgage next year. This is the result of changes in the mortgage market to reduce the roles of the mortgage giants, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Mortgage Guarantors Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are currently under the regulation of a Federal Government regulator. The regulator was placed … [Read more...]

Listings in Issaquah Increase 17% - A Slow Down Coming?


Active home listings in Issaquah increased 33% from April - and increased again 17% during June. At the same time however, the number of pending sales dropped 10% in June compared to May. For the time being anyway, active and pending listings are now plotting in the opposite direction, rather than colliding - thus there are at least a “few” more homes available for Issaquah home buyers to choose from - relatively speaking, that is. Since January of 2013 the Issaquah … [Read more...]

What To Do When Your Issaquah Home Doesn't Appraise


Home sellers in Issaquah know that reaching a sales agreement with a potential buyer can be just the start of the negotiation process. Beyond price, there are quite often inspection issues to resolve, among other terms in the contract. One particular negotiation point which can sometimes present difficulties for both buyers and sellers is when a home's appraised value falls short of its contracted sales price. This can be a particular hazard in a situation with … [Read more...]

Issaquah Home Buyer Demand & Prices Continue to Increase


RealFX Market Update for May 2013: The Issaquah real estate market continues to be driven by exceptionally strong home buyer demand - there's simply not enough resale inventory to satisfy the number of home buyers out there in Issaquah today. As a result, Issaquah home prices continue to increase. The past couple of Thursday and Fridays have seen quite a few new listings however, and that's good news. But, they've also been snapped-up very quickly by savvy buyers … [Read more...]

Seattle, WA vs. Austin, TX Weather

Seattle, Washington and Austin, Texas have a lot in common - and in fact there are many "transplants" from Austin (and Texas in general) living in Washington State. Both metro areas are close in population size, both have vibrant music and high-tech roots and both are considered great places to live and work. But are they on opposite sides when considering the weather? Though many might consider Seattle and Austin weather to be like comparing the tropics to the desert … [Read more...]

Is Issaquah Entering a Home Sellers Market?

Both home buyers and sellers, along with real estate agents and brokers are all asking the same question, is the Issaquah real estate market entering a sellers market? The graph above shows single family homes for sale, sold and pending. As of April 2012, the sold plus pending totaled 172. This is the highest number in over four years. In addition, as the graph indicates, the number of homes for sale is at it's lowest level in many years. Such a situation would indicate … [Read more...]